Borealis Closes The Loop

Borealis has rolled out an innovative double-closed loop system across its four sites in Belgium, founded on the principles of Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. Replacing 1.5 million single-use cups used annually with 30,000 reusable cups, this is how the "Borealis Closes The Loop" project works:

  • Plastic is reduced from the outset through extremely lightweight cups developed by the patented EcoCore® technology
  • The cups are reused until they are worn or damaged, then removed from circulation to close the reuse loop
  • The ambition is to recycle these end-of-life cups into food-approved recyclate that can be used to create more reusable cups, closing the recycling loop.

This double-closed loop system is EverMinds™ in action, bringing together stakeholders to create an innovative circular economy solution.

It’s the result of a collaboration between Borealis Circular Economy Solutions (resin supply & recycling), Borealis Digital Studio (digitalisation), Bockatech (cup foaming technology), PACCOR (cup production), Goodless (reuse operator) and Miko Coffee Services.

Reduce Cups Reuse Collection Cleaning Recycled

How to use the reusable cups?

  1. Take a clean reusable cup from the newly labelled cupboards near the coffee machine
  2. Fill your cup with a hot or cold drink
  3. Rinse your cup, then refill and reuse it as much as possible throughout the day
  4. When finished with your cup, empty it before dropping in the collection bin located near the coffee machine
  5. The cups are collected, professionally cleaned and then placed back in the cupboard.
  6. Congratulations! You are now part of the circular economy.
Cups 1


450 kg

30000 cups
In the loop

1000000 cups
Coffee consumptions in 2022 served in single-use cups



At Borealis, we believe our polyolefins (PO) are too valuable to be littered, incinerated or landfilled. They have an important role to play as enablers of the circular economy of plastics.

As a sustainable PO producer, it is our responsibility to reinvent our products and business models for sustainable living, ensuring our polymers deliver maximum value and minimal environmental impact throughout their longest possible lifetimes.

We believe our products need to bring value to all stages of the circular economy and all levels of the waste hierarchy. We can do this by closing the loops and ensuring we reduce and reuse before we recycle and recover. It is our duty to own and guide our own POs through their lifecycle, ensuring they are redeployed over and over, as high up as possible in the waste hierarchy.

Borealis Closes The Loop sets up a circular business model in a reuse environment. It’s how Borealis can retain ownership of the virgin PO we produce, creating our own feedstock sources of post-consumer recyclates (PCR) and therefore assuring our quality level.

By offering this service, we are also creating a network of companies and applications. This brings additional value by offering insights that are vital in developing the reuse and recycle business model.


Launched in 2018, EverMinds™ is an umbrella brand that unites the wide range of Borealis activities and initiatives aimed at making plastics more circular. As a dedicated platform, it promotes a circular mindset among all Borealis stakeholders and encompasses proprietary technologies, as well as established brands such as Purpolen™ and Dipolen™.

EverMinds™ also facilities deeper collaboration between Borealis and its partners, aiming to develop innovative and sustainable PO solutions based on the circular model of recycling, reuse and design for circularity. The platform also extends to pioneering corporate programmes such as Project STOP, and engagement in industry initiatives like the Polyolefins Circular Economy Platform (PCEP) and Project CEFLEX.

We’d like to hear from you

Borealis Closes The Loop is a pilot scheme that represents small, but important steps in transitioning towards a more circular economy. It is only possible thanks to the collective effort of all our participating employees in Belgium. Your feedback will help us optimise this initiative, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know at feedback@borealisclosestheloop.com